YereWine Days (18+)

YereWine Days (18+)

04.03.2019 / Views

Date : 3,4 may 2019 (17:00-23:00)

Place: Yerevan Saryan street

Entrance Fee: 6000 dram ($10)

The Yerevan Wine festival called YereWine days is organized by Eventtoura agency. For only 6000 drams ($10) you will have the opportunity to taste 7 glasses of Armenian wines by your choice in addition you will get a wineglass with its holder. 
Armenia is one of the cradles of wine making. First wineries were found in Armenian land are dated 6000 years B.C. In the last ten years several wineries were founded in Armenia to rebirth winemaking traditions. Mostly they are very successful and are making Armenian wines famous all over the world.  This Wine Festival will give you an opportunity to learn more about Armenian wines, taste wine and Armenian traditional cuisine. The Festival is very popular among locals and tourists from all over the world. Good mood and fun are guaranteed. 


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